Tired and Late on a Saturday night


Wish I was here

Hello everyone,
Let me start off my post today by saying how happy I am that I got something up and running. It feels great to have a place for building this dream. To TC who originally built our food truck website sorry for taking your site over. My bad. We have been working tirelessly all week and Patrick and I just pulled off two jobs in one night with one more to go tomorrow. We should be closing on the new venue Monday or Tuesday and then the real work will begin. Our plan is to build this business up so that we can sell it or use it to sustain the expedition ship. We are currently purchasing a venue in Hanahan SC ” near Charleston” to get us going in the right direction. I am too tired to type but I wanted to put something up since I haven’t really started yet. Blogging is new to me , so this will be a learning process. We will be headed to Massachusetts in two weeks to go see a 90 ft North Sea Trawler The Wander Bird and to visit my grandmother in Boston. I will post pics soon. I know shes a beauty. Good Night anyone:)

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